Illinois Drivers, Don’t Get Caught Driving Without Insurance!

30 August 2021

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced upgrades to the Illinois Insurance Verification System (ILIVS), which began July 1, 2021. Vehicle owners’ car insurance will continue to be electronically verified at least twice a year at random intervals. On July 1, 2021, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office began sending out enforcement letters to registered vehicle owners who do not have the minimum required liability auto insurance, giving them 30 days to submit proof of coverage or risk having their vehicle registration suspended and being charged $100 to reinstate their registration.

If a vehicle owner’s electronic verification is unsuccessful, the Secretary of State’s office will send a written request to give the vehicle owner the opportunity to prove they have car insurance before suspending their vehicle registration. Vehicle owners must contact their auto insurance company or their auto insurance agent with the letter they received with a specific reference number from the Secretary of State. Vehicle owners who are unable to prove they have the required insurance will face a license plate suspension. To have the registration suspension removed, the vehicle owner is required to obtain liability insurance and pay a $100 reinstatement fee.

If you are stopped for a traffic violation or involved in an accident, a law enforcement officer may issue a traffic citation if you are unable to provide evidence of automobile insurance. If convicted, your license plates will be suspended, and you may face the following fines:

  • Minimum fine of $500 for driving uninsured
  • Minimum fine of $1000 for driving a vehicle while the license plates are suspended for a previous insurance violation.

The state’s ILIVS enforcement is in effect as of July 1, 2021. It is important to note that vehicle owners who receive a letter should NOT VISIT a Drivers Services facility. Instead, the vehicle owner should contact at 844-358-6505 or, and an agent can provide the necessary electronic proof of car insurance needed to cancel the license plate suspension. Vehicle owners who do not currently have automobile insurance must obtain insurance to avoid license plate suspension. Avoid the $100 license plate suspension and reinstatement fee or potentially higher fines! Get auto insurance today! Get a fast, free quote for auto insurance today! is a digital insurance agency that provides affordable insurance to consumers who want to shop and purchase insurance online while still having the option to work with an agent if they wish. The agency offers auto, home, life, health, and commercial as well as other specialty lines of insurance. Our goal is to provide an easy, fast, convenient, and safe online shopping experience for consumers looking for the best price by utilizing all the latest and greatest technology. Based in Bedford Park, Illinois, we are licensed to write business in 48 states and have a multilingual staff licensed and certified in a variety of insurance lines. We partner with many highly rated insurance companies to provide the best insurance solutions to meet your individual needs and your budget. Buy insurance online in less than 10 minutes or talk to a certified licensed agent! It’s your choice.

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